social inclination

This is 21 century but still, some people behave unequally towards others like who have belongs from the lower caste, have the different color, have labour work, different religion, opposite gender, and ethnicity. a simple way we can say lots of people do stereotype with others people instead they have the same smile,same feeling, and everything is same as others people.
in the reference of above theme today I has read about first Indian lady teacher and I realized her entire feeling and positive behaviour against all others no matter which cast they belong.Savitri bai Phule is full conscious mind and her equal behaviour from all people included lower caste. when she was at the age child she got married to, Jyoti Bal .but this couple have different though from other people.their was a great relationship between them each cooperate with each other and they provide strength to each other.both are social worker first her husband taught her and then she was able to teach other people.they both have a social inclination towards lower caste people .amazing thing is that on that time woman could not teach,read and write because all people would not believe that woman should not teach .but on that savitri bai phule realized and start to teach the woman .others people to abuse her and force her for not teach.

one time Savitri bai told her husband about her brother reaction against their work but she did not claime him instead she told to her husban that her brother has narrow mind so could not understand her work but after some he would be able to understand .
one incident about the love afair of brahmins boy with untouchable girl and cruel behaviuor of villagers when savitri bai phule come to know about this incident she was helping both victims and she would send both to her husband house for protecting them from villager.
second incident about bad or devasting time of wastern maharashtra ,people and animal were going to dyeing, they have no food eating, water for drinking and There is severe scarcity of food.on that time she and her volunteers trying to give their best .The moneylenders are viciously exploiting the situation.they did keep maximum food with themselves and to provide to other people and the british government did not do something in this regard so she was talking to collecter of that district and finally she was able to riase some food .

Actually she wanted or doing welfare work for the poor and the needy.

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