How to Write a Compelling Essay on ‘WHY MBA’

Writing MBA admission essays can be a nightmare for some students. In a concise manner, you should give a brief sketch of yourself that will give a positive insight to every individual of the admissions board.

Truth be told, the GMAT MBA essay area is an interesting door for candidates to demonstrate that they’re something other than a GMAT score, a GPA or their resume.

MBA admissions essays provide the students with a lot of freedom to express themselves freely and creatively. But what confuses students is how to maintain a balance between creativity and structure, as is typically required in a good MBA essay.

In all actuality, there is no mystery to impressing the admissions committee — and in the event that you make a very hard attempt to impress them, you may end up hindering your chances of success.

Instead, you should exploit the opportunity that you’ve been given while adhering to a couple of points that can enable you to exhibit yourself as a strong candidate for admission into MBA.

The best MBA schools get a huge number of applications for admission every year. How can you then stand out in the midst of a horde of candidates? Your composed essay is a way to differentiate yourself from your companions.

To compose a compelling MBA admission essay on ‘WHY MBA’, you can pursue the following 4 points methodology:

1. Be specific, clear and logical; alongside providing substantial details:

· You would want to grab the eyes of the authorities directly in the beginning itself. For this, some ‘punch line’ can work well.

· It might sound self-evident, yet it is essential that you really answer the question that is being posed. Wordiness, especially in the introduction, will accomplish nothing for you — and may build a negative impression.

Numerous schools consider it amazing when a student’s writing is clear and concise, rather than long and tedious.

· When you just ambiguously address the question, it demonstrates an absence concentration. One good method is to let a friend read your essay without letting know about the question of the essay.

With his answer, you can fairly well gauge the direction that your essay has taken and what kind of addition or deletion is required in it thereof.

2. Give strong reasons connecting with your past and future goals:

· The way towards crafting an amazing GMAT MBA essay is both a craftsmanship and a science. The craftsmanship lies in the story you explain, showing why you are the individual you are today, and why you want to achieve what you want to in future — this is the soul of the paper.

· You have to utilize the GMAT MBA essay to sell your entire self, not simply the individual pieces that you think the school needs to see. Deep self-reflection along with the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses will give you an edge in your essay.

Think about what you have gained from the past experience up to this point. Admissions officials look for the following characteristics in MBA candidates: vision, determination, decision making, discretion, ambition, independence, communication skills, innovativeness, confidence, enthusiasm, etc.

· Attempt to be coherent in your answer, with the end goals keeping in mind which fits in with your background. It could be from wanting to move your stream because of interest or to want to start own business in the future.

You should clarify your short-term, intermediate, and long-term professional goals. Connect your professional goals with the MBA and why an MBA is necessary to achieve your goals.

· Then, detail how your examinations and work encounters add to your general qualities and help separate you as a candidate.

Do statistical surveying to show your insight into the industry and your understanding of ongoing patterns and advancements within the field, and consider including a timeline for your professional targets so that the admissions group can see your sensible vision.

Offer interesting and apt tales to make your GMAT MBA essay distinguish you from other candidates.

3. Describe what kind of opportunities an MBA would offer you:

· MBA, as is well-known, happens to be the best course for individuals who need an administrative job for themselves. Under the administrative job, they have to take up obligations like leadership, motivating representatives, supervising the employees and their work.

In a large portion of the cases, such capacities probably won’t come automatically to an individual, anyway nowadays given the kind of responsibility a managerial role requires, an MBA training turns out to be profoundly recommendable.

For an individual who is bent upon to go for some rewarding responsibility as a managerial role under any corporate house or wants to start one’s very own business start-up, for him it is ideal to go for MBA. Show them that an MBA would help you gain those necessary qualities and prepare you for the future.

· What specific skills, qualities, and professional knowledge you plan to gain from an MBA. How you’d like to further build up your leadership and related abilities.

A typical way is to paint a solid picture of current/past triumphs, outline that you are at the cut-off of your profession/range of abilities, and an MBA will open various entryways. Be sensible and mature about the estimation of the MBA and how it can prepare you.

4. Pay close attention to Style and Grammar:

· It is said that one’s writing style, use of words, use of pauses, the ability to express oneself clearly, etc; all express the writer’s personality. An MBA essay is also an attempt to showcase your depth, sense, and awareness of oneself through words as instruments.

You don’t need writing major to compose a brilliant MBA admissions essay; however, there are certain fundamentals of storytelling that enables content to stick out. Getting your point crosswise over in a brilliant, clear, and composed way will make you stick out.

· However, this exertion will not work if you don’t write a grammatically correct GMAT MBA essay. Let your enthusiasm for the right spelling and language structure be your primary guides.

· Moreover, the first draft is just the beginning. As is said that great writing is rewriting. So, subsequent to writing the first draft you ought to alter it as many times as you possibly can, refining it in tune to the prerequisites of a decent GMAT MBA essay.

Keeping the above-said points in mind while writing your GMAT MBA essay, you are certain to show your personality genuinely and professionally, as is required to get admission into a reputed MBA college.



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