The Artificial Industry in Saudi Arabia

In the year 2018, the Deputy Minister of Saudi Arabia shared his bold mission of driving innovation and economic growth in the country and named it as Vision 2030. However, the question arises — How is the artificial industry in Saudi Arabia is in the current position and will be the future?

In 2019, Saudi Arabia’s GDP held the 17th rank among the other countries of the world. To take it further from hereon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is paving the way of technology to stay abreast with the other countries. Currently, artificial intelligence and robotics are only seen as a means to unlock a future of economic stability. However, their full exploitation has not been done yet in the country.

In order to align with the king’s Vision 2030, a number of investors have been zooming in their focus on the country and making active investments in the technology. The roadmap, as planned by the authorities of Saudi Arabia, begins with improvements in the information and communications technology (ICT). Besides this, the future plan is to leverage sister technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and others to leap in terms of operations and reach.

Besides focusing on the use of technology for the enhancement of businesses and infrastructure, the country has plans to expand the use of artificial intelligence in the educational sector. The convergence of education and artificial intelligence will open new frontiers for the students to develop digital skills, so as to engender skilled businessmen of tomorrow.

In addition to uplifting the commercial and educational sector, the very aspect of AI is to help in upgrading the lives of common people. There are plans in the country for the development of five smart cities that rank in the top list in the world. However, only government and public authorities may fall short to realise this vision and so it may a call for investors and private sector partners. All-in-all, the project is likely to present enormous opportunities for artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia.

The penetration of the smartphone is high in Saudi Arabia. So, the resonance of artificial intelligence and other technologies may not be an issue for the country. The population of Saudi Arabia is basically consisting of the young populace, meaning the acceptance of technology is going to be high.

Though the prominence of artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia is only restricted to imagining the possible outcomes, once investors start taking over the capital hassles of the country, the implementation shall begin soon.

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Freelance writer based in Delhi, India.

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