Setup Hasura Local Development 2.0

This is a guide to setup Hasura local development on ubuntu 16.4.

below are the steps to setup hasura local development.

1. Install virtual box

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.1

The above command will take some time.

2. Install kubectl.

Run this command on terminal window.

curl -LO$(curl -s

3. install hasuractl

Run this command on terminal window-

curl -Lo hasuractl && chmod +x hasuractl && sudo mv hasuractl /usr/local/bin/

4. Create an Account on (now

5. Run the following command on the terminal

hasuractl login

This command will prompt you to enter the credentials of

hasuractl local start

This will take some time depending on the internet connection.

6. To stop hasura plateform do

hasuractl local stop

Done :) The above command will output the link to your console and the admin credentials of your console.

If hasuractl local start fails then do a

hasuractl local clean

and then do hasuractl local start again.

To check the status of installation process open a terminal window and run

kubectl get po -n hasura

Comment below for any query regarding the setup process.

That’s all. ;)

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