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Data Retriever automates the tasks of finding, downloading, and cleaning up publicly available data, and then stores them in a local database or as flat files. To be precise, it is a package manager for data. This allows data analysts to spend majority of time in analyzing rather than in cleaning up or managing data.

Data Retriever while being a purely python based module, needed a Python interface. Since Python is the leading Data Mining and Wrangling language, creating a Python interface would allow and create scalability and smooth access of the Data Retriever functionality. With the interface all the…

Didn’t expect this week to come so fast. It seems like yesterday when I first wrote my ‘Hello Universe!’ post on this GSoC blog. Meh! This is what happens with all good things.

Should have never got on the bus.


Without this probably all the work I did this summer is useless. This must be the first time I am documenting something worthwhile. Never did I make notes for college or even if I ever did they were just random words written in the air. So believe me I am finding it very hard to fit in the right words to describe what retriever does.

Sphinx is…

It has been days since I updated the blog. A lot of things have worked out since then. Here is a swift update on them.


Data Retriever version 2.0.0

In total 8 new functions have been added. The much awaited download and installed functionality has been added. With this update Ecological Datasets have become more accessible to the python user. The datasets can be downloaded using a simple download function. Be it cross-tab data or normal tabular datasets there is support for all. …

I passed my first evaluation which was due last week. Got away from my laptop for a few days.

Grass you suck too!

“What happened after that?” I bought myself a mechanical keyboard, MagicForce68. And am back to what I was doing, with more noise - which is nothing but music to the ears.

System Update

After having completed phase 1, let us see some features, the system update has to offer. Functions datasets, check_for_updates, reset_retriever have been added to the python package. These functions are equivalents of existing functionality provided by the Command Line Interface.

The package has been given a flat look. All the…

This is my story. I am typing it as the clock reads 11.30 and everything is explicit. I greet you fellow readers of my blog for week 3 phase 2 of my GSoC blog. Today I will be writing my blog based on some idioms of python. This one was explicit better than implicit. I hope you have got the feel, now hang on tight.

Here goes the first, EAFP vs LBYL

Easier to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission

Lets just analyze the situation that Calvin presents us with. What are the chances that Susie would have ever agreed to Calvin throwing a water balloon her? He…

Life lesson

RIP! The package is still broken. After one error is put to bed, another wakes up to wreck havoc on the party. It is as if I am stuck in a loop — What if by removing one cyclic redundancy I happen to be creating another? I guess there is no way to know. Hope this update will unwind soon cause my earphones haven’t. Have a nice day! Psst! will do Julia Part 3 this week promise!

Two months ago, I had opened the coolest package that I had ever laid my eyes upon. The packing was so subtle and majestic that my hands couldn’t help themselves to resist opening it. The tails of the package asked for my little fingers to sail over a sea of Lego. Searching and reaching out for the distinguished f j keys; the little bumps that often do the trick and the rest happened to be muscle memory.

pip install retriever

But last week it broke!

On running any command it started showing an Import Error. A few searches on the…


Shivam Negi? Aha! A very eccentric kiddo, I suppose. He can neither let go of anything he loves and nor is he afraid of his unknowns. He is dreaming of making good EDM music today and it is getting seemingly hard to predict what he might take up tomorrow.

This is his weekly GSoC blog and its official purpose is to keep his mentors updated with his weekly progress. And in the process, he can’t help but disturb them every now and then with his life problems. …

Welcome to the part 2 of the guide I hope you have already gone over the part 1 of the tutorial and have a working version 0.5 of Julia installed. In this guide we will be dealing with dynamic typing, arrays, indexing, installing and working with a package called PyCall.

Dynamic Typing

Julia is a dynamically typed language what you mean by this is that there is no need to explicitly specify type definitions. Julia itself infers the type from the code.

julia> num = 10

Here Julia understands that num is a integer variable. More specifically Int64.

You can even specify…

Just another day.

Just one more week for the official coding period to begin and I can already feel those deadlines. So it is time I also start working on my suit. Looking through all the cool stuff that I can add. I am working on adding the oldest, the supreme, the operating system cum text editor Emacs. Real programmers say when you master it you achieve flash speeds in doing anything a computer can. With all the customization I will never need the mouse or need to switch tabs or even move my hand from the keyboard. It will be like achieving…

Shivam Negi

Passion for __all__

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