Are we unique or what society makes us?

What’s the first suggestion that you get when you are in a fix or in a trouble?

This phrase may definitely sound familiar to you. In fact everyone seems to give you this advice:

“Listen to your heart! Do what your heart says and do what you were meant to. You were born unique and this is what you should carry forward. Your decisions should not be influenced by anyone else or any other idea other than your conscious!

But is that statement completely right? Are we unique? Is our thoughts original? Do we think differently from what others do? And do the decision we take totally dependent on our heart and choice? Not completely. We definitely do a large amount of thinking and hence it has a fair share of contribution towards your decision but not all.

We have different parts of brain that performs different functions. We are born with few reactionary functions. Some of us don’t like loud noises and many different instincts based on our genes. When we are born, we don’t know the difference between what we see. We see everything to be the same, be it our mom, dad or anything as a matter of fact. As we grow up, we perceive different things as reality and we grow up to be a part of it. We learn different things, grasping everything that comes to us.

After this part, we are just putting final touch to our personality and figuring out how to get along with our society, its needs and its requirements. In our teenage years, we are mostly working on the development of our physical bodies. After that, we tend to make some final adjustments in our personality which most of us carry forward. The society yet again plays a major part in this. We make up role models according to the society we are in. If you are born in a highly respected and educational society, you most likely become one as well. Likewise, if you are born in a gangster society, your chances of becoming a gangster are pretty high too. Of course, there are exceptions where people have a different role model and hence they might deviate from what they could have become.

We are only bound by the society we are living in. Our mind is not actually our mind. It is governed by factors more than we can imagine. Our mind is shaped by the society we are living in. Our decisions are not only ours but also shaped by every person you have met or talked to. Your mind is an amazing organ and it grasps every piece of information it can. All these small pieces of information are then grasped to make a thought and the final decision is then based on that thought process.

This also explains why certain society or area seem to have a similar thinking process and why do they hate/love almost the same things. Our brain keeps on grasping information right from our birth like we talked earlier and makes us what we are today. You are not just you. Your thoughts are not just yours. It reflects the entire society you have lived in.