Drinking myths we probably believe to be true!

What is the goal you look forward to when you are drinking? Is it preventing a hangover? or getting a good high? Well, whatever the reasons are, We tend to follow some golden time lapsed rules which may or may not be true. Of course, We are not hosting a show called Mythbusters but we would like to bust some drinking myths. So, here we go:

Myth 1: Beer contributes in belly fat!

This old wives tale has been passed on since generations and we take this as a fact. Well, Why wouldn’t we? The beer has high calories and that contributes to weight gain, it’s easy as that right? Nope. It is not. In that case, any high caloric food would give you a fat belly, but it doesn’t. In fact, research shows that the amount of beer you drink and the size of your belly have no correlation whatsoever. And if you can control your diet, you wouldn’t have to deal with weight gain either. But let’s assume you gain weight, there is still no guarantee to whether this will settle on your belly. It mostly depends on your gene. Look at your dad and if he has a fat belly, start running, son!

Myth 2: There is no cure for a hangover!

We all have been through this, but there is always one college kid who apparently knows the cure for hangover he got from his older brother. But it never works. And we had to settle for a headache. What can we do anyway? Well, there is one thing you can do. It turns out that there is a cure, and a wondrous one at that: the bacon sandwich. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk science then. The wonder of bacon sandwich lies in its ingredients. bacon and bread. The bread is loaded with carbohydrates while the bacon is full of protein that the body breaks down into amino acids, which makes your body “feel good”. The amino-rich bacon then does the wonder.

3. Myth 3: Alcohol kills brain cells!

Ah! This is the golden one. You might have heard this a lot when you were caught sneaking in a bottle of alcohol by your parents. If they were to believe, it would have destroyed all your brain cells by now. But it didn’t. Yeah, Alcohol can do a whole lot of bad things to you including messaging your ex, but not that. According to scientific studies, the dopiness associated with being drunk has nothing to do with dying brain cells and everything to do with the alcohol blocking them from doing their work, inhibiting cognition and motor function.

Myth 4: Old Wine tastes better!

You have heard this a lot, right! The older the wine is, the glorious is tastes. Well, It is not completely correct. Aged wine is perceived as more complex in flavor, more expensive, and of a higher quality. It actually depends on the type of wine. Some are meant to be consumed within one year of production and don’t get any better after time while others are intended to be stored in a wine cellar for a few years to reach their peak quality. Unfortunately, a wine that sits past its intended expiration date does not get any more impressive with time.

Myth 5: Puking helps you get sober!

You might remember many geniuses from college who would have given you this golden suggestion “Just Puke!, It will clear all the alcohol from your body and you won’t get a hangover. Theoretically, it is just getting rid of the alcohol that hasn’t yet been digested yet. Alcohol absorption into the bloodstream begins almost immediately, so getting rid of the likely small amount in vomit probably won’t make much of a difference. If you already have enough alcohol in your system, you cannot prevent a hangover.

Myth 6: Taking aspirin before drinking can reduce hangover effects!

Doesn’t this thought sound so brainy? Well, It isn’t. Taking a pill at night won’t prevent you from feeling awful in the morning. The medication power will wear off by the time your hangover starts to kick in. And, take our advice, Do not take aspirin while drinking. The painkillers can erode the stomach lining, which, coupled with the stomach irritants in alcohol, can cause liver inflammation and could even lead to liver damage.

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