Love is the best example of butterfly effect!

Butterfly effect! You may have heard this word in a movie. Or maybe just heard of it in a scientific documentary? Well, just in case you don’t know what it is all about, let me explain quickly. The butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. So basically a flap of a butterfly here can cause an earthquake somewhere sometime later.

But how is love related to it? How can it possibly be an example of the butterfly effect?

It is related and I will show you how it is.

We hate many things around us. Don’t we? Some justified. Some unjustified. Some of us definitely hate our government and its procedures, some hate their job and their bosses, while some hate people who hate the government and this vicious circle of hate goes on forever. But is it the best thing to do? Why do we hate all this?

Some think it’s the best thing to do. When we hate something, it’s because we have gained a deep insight about that topic and we wish to change that for good. Once we know what bugs us and how it affects our mood, we can start working for the betterment of it.

Some will say it’s all written in their holy books. Their Gods have taught them to hate evil in order to eliminate it. But God doesn’t hate evil people. Does he? He loves all people the same. The same set of people will also claim that if their God can get angry, so can they! But look where it has gotten us. We have come to think that the best way we can reduce hate is by attempting another act full of hatred. People kill people because they hate them. They destroy families and it is just on a personal level. Can you imagine what happens when it gets to the society or country level? We create wars. We kill more people. We spread more violence that seems never-ending. This in turn creates chaos and the hatred multiplies until you destroy them too. Do you still think hatred was ever the answer?

Evil cannot be won by evil. War is evil and so is hate. And in today’s society we cannot hope the hatred to be wiped out and be happy about it. We cannot do that. We need another recipe to wipe out the hatred. We need to heal it. It’s just like Cancer. We cannot eliminate it by hating it. We need to heal it and it can be cured if we find about it early enough.

And the cure here is much simpler. Love. It just takes a small initiative to spread love, unlike hate. All you have to do is spread it. If someone you think has contributed in making your life better, say “Thank You!” and appreciate the effort. If and when possible, reciprocate.

Consider, for instance, you board a taxi for meeting at your office early morning. While you pay the cab driver for his service, you can make him happy by expressing gratitude towards him. You would ask what difference does it make in this big world? It actually does. Once you make that taxi driver happy, you have made his day which might result in him providing better service to say, 30 customers on that particular day. These 30 customers will be happy and they will help pass the happiness and gratitude to everyone they meet.

You see? It’s a chain reaction. We often back out in our attempts by thinking it would be insignificant in this big huge world. But the world runs in a chain reaction. If you make a person happy, you are possibly making at least another 10 people indirectly happy.

This easy attempt at healing can actually cure our cancer-like hatred. It just takes a moment of your life and in turn you can contribute towards a happier society and the world.

Go ahead. Make everyone happy around you. Every heart counts. Spread love. It can have amazing consequences.