Why being an average looking poor guy is better than being a hot rich guy!

Dec 26, 2015 · 4 min read

You must have definitely heard the phrase that Beauty and Intelligence do not go hand in hand. And it’s true. Believe me. Being an average looking guy, I adhere to this principle the same way like Christian sticks to his Bible. If you are still not convinced, here are the top reasons why being an average looking poor guy is better than a rich hot guy:

1. Boys feel comfortable about their girlfriend around me!

I am not a handsome hunk and I don’t have money either, but I have one thing that no one else can offer: TRUST. Each of my friends feel comfortable about their girlfriend around me. One of my close friend once said ” I feel so unsafe when my girlfriend hangs out with other guys, but when she is around you, I don’t have to think anything, I feel so safe”. Such is the trust people have on me and the best part is that I don’t even have to try in order to get that trust going, my face and my choice of cloth does that.

2. I am very picky about girls:

No matter what you think, I seriously am. I hate it when hot guys get hit on and they lose all their cool. They get attention from any type of girl, literally any. Those guys get along with any girl that hit on him and eventually get into a relationship. What kind of a life is that? It shows a lack of character. I, on the other hand, would wait for the girl who would love me for what I am although once they know what I am, they wouldn’t bother wasting their time. However, there would be someone for me as well and yes, I will never cheat like other handsome guys because I am a man of character, and probably because I would never get any chance to do that.

3. I am emotionally stable:

All the handsome hunks I have been friends with( they hate the fact that I call them friends, but let’s go with that) seemed to be emotionally stable. They used to get depressed over smallest of things, minute things like caring for their girlfriend or her going to the movie with another guy friend. If there were no problems with their relationships, they would create one I mean, what kind of a pathetic life is that? My life is so much emotionally stable because I have no one to care for. Yeah, we can count my mom as the one who cares, but she is also a bit skeptical about me calling her mom in public.

4. I don’t expect much!

I have seen so many rich guys always expecting so much in life. They expect a good looking government, a great bank balance and literally everything one could ask for. I am used to not getting exactly what I want and hence I don’t have any expectations. That’s one advantage of being ugly. You know people hate you and you can’t do anything for it. So just smile along. The lower the expectations, the lower the disappointment.

5. Girls don’t use me for my money!

This is the most obvious and biggest advantage of being ugly. Girls don’t use me for my money.I think I’m the last person on earth to be used as a sex object. Look at all those music videos and Bollywood movies, girls can do anything for a rich guy and this is where I score (0 marks). It’s a good thing that I know where I stand and that I wouldn’t be used for materialistic stuff. That’s a different point altogether that girls don’t use me for anything at all.

6. I won’t get married at any early age!

The 20s is the time when you experiment a lot with your life, make friends and visit different places. I have seen many handsome guys marrying pretty early due to girlfriend’s pressure and eventually losing out on their youth. But I don’t have anything to worry about. I have all the time to explore new cities, meet different kinds of people. It really doesn’t matter that I am ugly and poor and no one wants to be my friend and I don’t have any money to visit new cities.

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