This is my second blog post after starting working on my GSoC 2020 project at FOSSi Foundation.

Have a look at the first one at GSoC 2020 — My First Blog Post!

RISC-V has sparked a revolution in computer architecture and is widely popular today in both industry and academia. RISC-V recently celebrated its 10th birthday. So I thought about putting forward by two cents on RISC-V and why it is interesting.

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The classic stuff: RISC vs. CISC

You probably have heard of this terminology through EE/CS-related courses. CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing), focuses on a minimum number of instructions to complete a given task. Hence…

Hello reader,

I am Shivam Potdar, Junior Year EE Undergrad at NITK Surathkal, India.

On 4th May 2020, my proposal for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020 under FOSSi Foundation got accepted! I thought it would an interesting idea to jot down my experiences along the way, which would hopefully help someone in future.

I am a newbie at blog writing, please pardon me if this article is not up to the mark. I am all ears on feedback for improvement.

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How Happiness Looks Like!

What is GSoC?

So let us start with this-

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global level program for promoting free…

Shivam Potdar

GSoC 2020 @ FOSSi Foundation | EE Junior @ NITK, Mangalore, India | (

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