New techniques I have developed to learn things .

I am a student and I start to learn anything by watching the whole playlist of YouTube videos on that topic. I used to watch whole day in front of my computer watching the tutorials again and again. I knew about medium and other blog but reading is not cup of my tea . I cannot read a novel as I get so much distracted while reading it ,so I thought how will I be able to read a book on programming. So for a long time I was just watching videos.

Now when I think about it that was waste of time. Watching videos is not wrong but you need to implement that too. I was learning a lot of things at that time. As a Computer Science student I had to learn Web Development and I thought of making a game .



I was learning watching videos and trying some of those things on my PC. But as soon as I need to that again I need to go to the google and then search on the Stack overflow or something to get it right. I also started some project but they were too small and they didn’t felt original. It was like i was just aping the YouTuber.


Now I started learning from blog of freecodecamp and many other on the medium only. I try to avoid the tutorials as much as I can and if I have something hard to learn I first read a tutorial on Medium (Or the first thing that pops up on the google) then if I don't under stand I go to the YouTube. Even if I wasted my whole just figuring out how to set up angular on my PC it felt worth it . I could have developed whole application watching a youtube video but I cannot make that again.

So I needed to learn angular in 2–3 days for a hackathon in our university so I started reading the docs. Honestly I like the docs very much means until that routing part in the docs I was able to follow it easily and made the basic ng-for ng-if statement.(Just some angular syntax). I got stuck when fetching the api and then I first tried to read a article but was not able to figure it out.So at last I watched the video and was able to make a site which can fetch data from the server and post data to the server in one day. But the hackathon got cancelled and then I left angular. I might start to learn it to make my portfolio website maybe. I know some react and working on a project.


Now what I do is get started with a basic project that I can have and then to build that I google on stack over flow , read blog and etc .

I would like to mention an online gamejam. For that I need to make a game but I had less time because of my exams so I just thought of a basic game so atleast I can participate to it. (This is my first game jam). So I just started making the game in unity just by googling stuff.

This game need a lot of work and I want to make some of the sprites for this game. I am thinking of launching this game officially with better graphics (minimal design) and better code and lesser bugs.