“ SCENT didn’t work on her”

Well at the dawn of the teenage, there are various thoughts that troll in the mind of a guy or a girl.

I was too going through the same phase and hardly we used to get anytime for our own recreational activities. So grabbing out the happiness at little accidents and situations was the only way to remain happy and lively.

So , it’s one of my small accidents of the teenage .

In our school days , not everyone used to be shy while asking for a notebook to a girl to do homework and all. I was among those who used to be hesitant in these cases .

So, Once I was too in dire necessity of a girl’s notebook as usually it created the benefit of scoring a nice and better para writing along with answering tough questions in a pretty good way.

I was nervous in the beginning to ask for her notebook and somehow managed with all courage to peacefully borrow it from her. I had to give it back by the next day or after weekend.

Well at that age most terrible ideas used to come in mind and I wished to give that notebook back to her which could amaze her, so she could kinda get an idea of how special is she to anyone or better to a stranger.

So by the ending weekend I found a pretty gifted ecstatic cologne , the scent of which could make any feminine forget about everything for a little moment. Hence in the next morning I unrolled the whole fragrance on the notebook pages and a little on its outer cover. And for the morning I too was all set for various goals of the upcoming day.

Finally after one or two lectures I with all valour got back to her and returned her precious notebook.

It didn’t create a single remark on her face that moment after a few thanks and all few moments later too.

Realising at the end of the day that no cologne or deo can make a girl grab somebody’s fuckin attention. Maybe it wasn’t a perfume that’s why… which was the second thought that came into my mind or maybe that the fragrance didn’t work only on her Or maybe she would have noticed it later but it didn’t create a difference.

And Learning too to never waste a loving men’s cologne on any unknown lovely girl.

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