Silly Girl And A Brat…Best Friends Forever
A Scene from her Diary

Passengers are requested to move to platform number…
Train Number … from Hyderabad to Mumbai is scheduled to arrive
Inconvenience caused to passengers is deeply regretted…
‘Hello! Where the hell is you Yash? You haven’t even reached station yet,
and the train is about to depart in not more than two minutes.’ I inquired.
‘Trust me silly! I will catch the train somehow.’ He responded.
As I hung the call, my heart started pounding, mind raced with all the
negative thoughts. What if he is unable to make it to railway station and
misses the train. I will not be able to travel all the way to Mumbai without
him. His presence matters a lot to me.
Just when the train had signaled its last honk, I spotted him through
my seat window, running towards the train from gate through platform
number 10. He swam through the crowd carrying a backpack and boarding
the train in bogie number A3. I released a sigh of relief, that I won’t have to
get bored in his absence.
He took some ten minutes to reach me in A1 where we had reserved our
seats. He reached me trolling, huffing, and crawling through the crowd and
hugged me with an expression of victory on his face.
There he is, ‘Yash Rajawat, my best buddy’, I told to myself.
We took no time in settling down our luggage and started with our
chit-chats, kicking, teasing and laughing session, which lasted for some half
past one hour. He is fond of sleeping during journey, so he made his way
towards my laps, rested his head there and started snoring immediately.
Train whistled through lush green landscapes and sea blue horizons, and I
enjoyed embracing the scenic beauty with my eyes.
I kept caressing his hair placidly and kept reminding myself, how lucky
I am to have a gem like him in my life. He is my best friend; in fact, Best is
too small a word because he is more than a best friend to me.

I spread bed sheets on our berths and made him sleep comfortably. I lay
down on my berth too, wrapped myself in quilt and dozed off to land into
the world of dreams where I always found myself happy. I woke up;
disturbed by the noise of passengers who were making their way to get down
on the coming station. I consulted my wrist watch which whispered 2.20
am. I twisted my head to right to let it rest on my right fist and closed my eyes
to take another beauty nap. In a split of second, I re-opened my eyes as my
unconscious mind had registered that Yash was not lying on his berth. I
looked for his electronic accessories, his cell-phone, and I-Pod beneath the
sheets and pillow, only to find them missing. I looked around but could not
recognize him. I swayed my head in either direction along the pathway, just
to check if he has occupied any of the doors, but no help. I stood there and
waited for five minutes, suspecting he must have gone to washroom but he
was nowhere around.
I went back and checked his berth again, but he wasn't there too. I
called him only to find his phone switched off. Now, tears started dwelling
my eyes; I could not figure out where do I find him and how do I find him.
My mind had gone blank and I was unable to trace where he could be. Like
an innocent child, I traversed all the AC bogies attached to that train and
the sleeper ones, which were connected to AC bogies. I checked every corner
to see if Yash had been accompanying someone in talks but no, there was no
trace of him. I cried furiously for one hour while looking for him here and
there. I felt as if my world had been snatched away from me for GodKnows-What
reasons. I felt like I was torn apart into pieces. Where is he
Frustrated and lost, I came back to my berth, rested my head on pillow,
and found Yash on his berth in deep sleep. A ray of hope; I jumped over him
and woke him up slapping him hard.
‘Where were you dammit? Where were you gone? I was looking for you
like maniacs for the last one hour. I had almost lost my composure for not
finding you. Why didn’t you inform me before leaving your berth?’ I vented
my fear out.
‘I was sleeping here silly. What happened to you? Why are you crying and getting so restless? I had just gone to washroom and it took me some time
to be back. What made you get so frightened?’ he replied back in haste.
I kicked him hard, smashed him for getting the hell out of me in last
one hour and cried for long.
That one hour felt like longest day of my life..

“There are relationships apart from boyfriend/girlfriend & friendship,
that can be very emotional and true, which is beyond the
understanding of many people.”
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