These are the things computer graduate learns too late!

Don’t underestimate the power of ‘Introduction to Algorithm’ by CLRS.

If you are weak in programming but you know this book [which is a bit difficult] then you are already ahead of the many candidates. This book is a soul of computer engineering/science. Don’t pass on it. I suggest you learn this book before applying for a job.

Programming is really easy.

I scared of writing lengthy syntax in JAVA until I used Eclipse. I’d always searched for theories in programming subjects to get examination clear. I’d tried maximum to avoid code. Later on, I realized that coding is very easy if you break tasks into pieces.

Internships/Freelance projects are more valuable than your marks.

Don’t take it another way. Marks get you an interview call and projects you have worked on get you a job. If you have an experience on projects then it would be beneficial to get a better job. I suggest you work on projects or take the internship because it will make your resume strong.

College events are equally important.

I’d never participated in a college event till last semester. In the last semester my college organized a technical event I decided to join the website development team and that decision taught me a lot of things. Before, that, I used to stay at home for watching movies or mugging theories. Only programming can’t survive you in this field. You must learn soft skills and managerial skills to get good exposure in companies.

Knowing is better than exerting.

You can’t expert everything. This computer world is unfair to the freshers and students for that matter. This computer technology world is evolving rapidly, if you try to learn and expert everything then I might guess, You may fail. Rather than, understand the concept, then take a decision based on the current technology trend and start learning.

Don’t lose the grip on electrical subjects.

This might be contradictory but if you are willing to appear in GATE, UGC-NET or IES then your electrical fundamentals must be strong. I, personally hate the digital logic, microprocessor, and computer organization. Later on, I found that they are quite important to crack such examinations.

Try to teach others.

You may see some of the candidates who fail in an interview rather being expert in coding. The problem is they can’t explain. You must learn to explain. Sometimes you may have to brag about your self in order to survive the interview. The interviewer knows that you can code but he wants to check your knowledge. Knowledge increases when you share.

For a job, You must apply before anyone else does.

Please, don’t have mercy even on your friend. Don’t take it another way. Friends are life and they will be. I want to say that don’t procrastinate applying for a job. If your friend wants to wait then leave him at that waiting stage, you must apply. Once you get a job then you can set him in your company. I suggest you apply for the third year of the college and that time internship/projects experience matters.

Extra bytes:

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