Why you should attend India Dreamin

India Dreamin has been the topic of discussion for almost every community meetup and User Group meeting organized in India and for everyone who attends the global events outside India. Dreamin’ events are organized in almost every region across the globe, leveraging the Salesforce community and bringing on the power of community. There are many reasons why the Indian community never get a chance to experience Dreamforce or other global events, being here in India. Finally this has been translated into reality for the amazing India Salesforce community.
Congratulations to every member of Indian Salesforce Ohana for being an important part of it and for finally living this dream.

Register here to attend : http://www.indiadreamin.in/register-now/


India Dreamin is a community led, community run event for professionals around Salesforce. This event is open for all Salesforce users who share a passion for innovation — developers, admins, partners, customers and students around the world. It aims to bring us all together and give everyone access to the best content available to help educate and provide value for everyone. If you are an existing Salesforce user or you are wondering what all the hype around Salesforce is, then this is a must-attend event for you. It will be an entire day of inspiring keynotes, speaker sessions, partner and customer success stories, and a great chance to meet your peers from the Salesforce world — all under one roof!

Register here to attend : http://www.indiadreamin.in/register-now/

This is your golden ticket to India Dreamin !

You’ll become a proud dreamer at the largest community led Salesforce conference in India. What’s in store for you at India Dreamin you ask ?

1. Full access to all India Dreamin awesomeness

2. Lunch and High tea

3. Sponsor Expo

4. Demo Jam

5. Access to Hands On Training

6. Welcome Kit !

7. Swags

8. Networking with bigwigs in the Salesforce community

9. Access to thousands of dollars worth content in sessions

10. Exposure to industry leaders, their success stories and access to interact with them

11. Give back to the community through Pledge 1% activity

12. All the MVP goodness

13. Opportunity to increase your personal brand and your Organization’s brand

14. Selfies :)

15. Be a dreamer and be a part of the change, Be an ally with WIT leaders

Register here to attend : http://www.indiadreamin.in/register-now/

What Community trailblazers are saying

Francis , Vinay and Shiv


Salesforce Hulk | Shreyas


Register here to attend : http://www.indiadreamin.in/register-now/