There is no cold, it is the absence of heat. The same sense as the darkness, which is absence of light.

So maybe there is no hatred, but just the absence of love.
Love that is fading away from our lives because of our mindsets getting narrower and the boundary of love getting larger.

Love is more than what defines love, a feeling as pure as a new born and as vintage as the retro-romance. Our minds take the shape of the society we are surrounded with and it creates a cage with limited thoughts and perspectives.

What we forget is sometimes we have to narrow our eyes to focus on something specific afar, sometimes we have to step aside to see another side of the story, sometimes we have to walk in their shoes and feel their obstacles all the way. Sometimes we need to have a heart to feel and answer when our brain gets blurred with wrong choices.

A little love you give, returns a bunch full of happiness.

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