Creativity is about art and painting? It’s all filled with colors and drawings and sort of bright looking things. Is it? If this is what you think so, it’s not.
 Creativity is way ahead of this definition. It involves in day to day life, from cracking jokes to doing almost some of the serious stuff.

For example, think of the situation. You are a doctor and a patient is dying. due to tumor. You cannot perform the surgery, but you do have a ray gun that will help to destroy the tissues. At high intensity, it would damage the healthy tissues too. And at low intensity, it would neither destroy the tumor or damage the healthy cells. How will you help the patient?


Well, if we use multiple ray guns in low intensity and focus it on the tumor, it will not damage the healthy tissues, and also help destroy the tumor.

This shows that creativity isn’t limited to artsy things, it is way much more beyond it.
 There are studies from IBM’s survey that tell us that creativity stands high amongst other leadership qualities including integrity, influence, openess, humility etc.
 It is not innate, we all have the ability to be creative, in what we do, what we see things as. And it can be developed.

  • Do not focus, relax.

Why some of the brilliant ideas pop your mind when you are in your shower or just having your leisure time? There is a reason. When you get into a problem, you keep thinking about it and make your scope limited to it. We concentrate on it and narrow our possibility of thinking out of the box. While you relax, random thoughts come up which makes you ponder on considering more possibilities. This helps in having more original ideas.

Companies like Google, ask the employees to take a break when they are stuck over. This doesn’t mean that you completely lose your focus and divert yourself in break, this is to consider various other possibilities.

  • Risks, take them.

We often fear to take risks. Risks are what is stopping us from exploring what could happen, stopping us from being creative. Of course we have to take risks to know whether it works or not. People who are more susceptible to peer pressure, are likely to be less creative. But by telling people to be more individualistic and independent, telling them to stand out, would help them bring their creativity.

  • Sleep on it.

Yes. Sleep. Just by taking a nap can improve the way you look at the problem. Psychologists believe that this happens because of incubation effect. While we are physically sleeping, our sub-conscious mind is still working on the problem and gathering the necessary information. Studies have been performed and it is found that incubation effect does has some effect.

So, take risks, have a nap, and relax. The mantra for being creative.

Let’s have some creativity.Can you use six matchsticks to make 4 triangles? Think upon your creative side!


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