The system known as tarot is a set of cards, 78 in numbers, associated with fortune telling (believed with a divine touch to it). The cards depict pictures and symbols. Of the pack, 22 are major Arcana or secrets, the rest 56 minor Arcana. The important pictures depicted in the major Arcana are the Fool, the Devil and the High Priestess. Those in the minor ones are cups, swords, pentacles, and wands. These pictures actually are believed to hold the secrets of one’s life story. Tarot practitioners use these cards to predict small or big, near or long term, important or trivial events of one’s life. Like any other pack of cards, this pack too consists of four aces that represent the potential in one’s life and new opportunities that could emerge in the future.

Tarot Card Reading in Nasik: Present and Future

Tarot in Nasik is not a popular concept though it is slowly catching its peoples’ attention. With it still being very new a concept here, an accurate tarot reader in Nasik is hard to find. Therefore, it is too early to say if tarot reading in Nasik is a trend moving in the right direction.

Coming mostly from villages and Nasik still being a small town, the population seems to be more attached to their roots and their conventional ways. The concept of tarot does not really seem that appealing to the people in here. However, as more water flows under the bridge and as people turn towards urban ways, the concept might appeal to them in the future.

If looking at the professional angle of it, a tarot card reader in Nasik is still hard to flourish compared to his counterpart in a metro or tier I city where the trend has already caught up due to the rapid urbanization. This, however, has not deterred practitioners from claiming to be the ‘best tarot reader in Nasik’ or from promoting themselves.

Accurate Tarot card reading in Nasik: Do the numbers justify the claims?

Though tarot reading is an art and has to be perfected over time, if someone is the best tarot card reader in Nasik or for that matter any other place can only be gauged from the experiences of their clients. Of the four or five tarot readers who exist on the scene, not even one has the type of clientele their counterparts in a metro can boast of.

Is it the right time to become a practising tarot reader in Nasik?

Right now, perhaps not. However, the future could very well be optimistic for tarot reading in Nasik. With urbanization cutting across boundaries and fast reaching to small towns, Nasik perhaps could be next destination if you aspire to practice tarot reading. In the meanwhile, you could practice it in a bit more urban location and perfect the art.