A Dog’s Delight

Disclaimer : The products were sent to us by Dogspot in exchange of an honest review.

Do you see that smile on Casino’s face ? Who would not be happy after receiving such wonderful products right at your doorstep.

Dogspot, a Delhi-Based company, is a one stop solution for all your dog’s need. Right from dog food to dog clothes, their website provides everything that your dog needs on a daily basis. Not only do they make your pooches happy, but they have a special treasure for your cat, birds and other small animals as well.


www.dogspot.in is a website you would definitely want to visit. Not only you can buy some products for your dog, but you can also read about the different dog breeds(www.dogspot.in/dog-breeds/), glance at. some amazing articles(www.dogspot.in/dog-blog/) and enroll your dog in the Wag Club(www.dogspot.in/wag_club).

From hundreds of products, here is the review of a few:-

  • Chef Penguin Toy

First and foremost, amongst all the gifted products, the penguin toy is the most treasured . Apart from having good looks, this toy would provide you with some peace, as this squeaky toy makes the most bearable noise . Light in weight and. painted with pet-friendly colors, this toy is perfect for your pooch (and for you too!).

You can buy it here : www.dogspot.in/dogspot-latex-chef-penguin-toy/

  • Wag Tag

Wag Tag is a must-have for your dog. This particular product is, till now, the most useful thing I have come across.

Wag Tag is made by Dogspot which helps you find your lost dog. Follow few easy steps given on the back of the packet, and your dog will never be lost. You can buy one for your dog here: (http://www.dogspot.in/wag-tag/)

  • Soft Chicken Jerky

Petspot’s Soft Chicken Jerky is a wheat-free treat/snack. Ideal for training your dog, this contains vegetable protein as well. The fact that it is wheat-free, easily chewable and comes with. no specific storage mess, this product will surely remain in your dog’s snack shelf from now on.

You can buy this high protein snack from here: (variant)(http://www.dogspot.in/petspot-softduck-jerky-100-gm/)

Order this now!

  • Nibbles (Chicken and Carrot Sticks)

I very much appreciate their efforts for making one of the healthiest combo. Carrot is an important vegetable to be incorporated in your dog’s diet.

These sticks claim to improve your dog’s digestive system, control the extra kilos and maintain his skin and coat. Feed according to the instructions given on the packet.It is. ideal for training your dog and can be taken along while travelling.

You can buy this here because I can see your dog drooling : (http://www.dogspot.in/nibbles-carrot-sticks-100-gm/)

  • Spotty’s. Odor and stain eliminator

This stain and odor eliminator is made to quickly remove the airborne smells, stains on carpets, pet beds and any other water-safe surface. Read the directions for use carefully. Although I have not yet come across any situation where I could possibly use it, but I am sure this will help a lot whenever needed.

Read more about Spotty here(www.spottydogtraining.com). They. make the best products with which you can house train/toilet train your dog easily. These products can be bought in India from Dogspot website (http://www.dogspot.in/spotty-odour-eliminator – 946-ml/)

  • Dogspot T-shirt

The Dogambo Khush Hua t-shirt was a head turner this diwali season. It is made with comfortable and pet-friendly fabric. Not only this, the website provide with whole range of accessories and clothes. which will make your dog look fashionable.

You can buy this cool t-shirt from here:(http://www.dogspot.in/dogspot-dogambo-khush-hua-t-shirt-size-20/)

Do not wait more, go staight to the website and make your cart full with all these and more amazing products.

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