How Your Restaurant’s Instagram Page Is Generating Sales

In the generation of “Snap it before you eat it” and “Insta worthy shots,” this post guides you on how your Instagram page can generate sales for your restaurant.

Gone are the days where the news was delivered daily by the newspaper boy. Welcome to the age of information being delivered instantly to your phone. In this ever-changing technological landscape, social media posts have become the easiest and quickest form of advertising. From this entire lot of social websites and apps, Instagram has become the defacto platform for photo-sharing as per BigCommerce. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With the rise of visual communication, restaurants have to focus on aesthetics in every sense. Be it their food plating, table decor or lighting, every aspect needs to be perfect for the best instagram shots.

These are a few simple steps your restaurant can follow to make your restaurant Insta-Famous!

1) Get Verified:

Looking for an easy and quick way to build trust among your followers? Get the tiny blue tick next to your restaurant’s name on Instagram. 
The official McDonald’s page is verified on Instagram. This will help your restaurant to reach a broader audience and generate more followers and eventually visitors.

2) Presentation Matters:

For the current generation, clicking a picture of the food before eating is as instinctive as picking up a fork to dig into the dish. A research by Zizzi suggests that, “18–35-year-olds spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30 per cent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak.”

Today, people are more likely to visit a restaurant to get a picture of the insta-worthy food or to pose in front of a cute decorated wall; after all it’s all about the Likes and shares!

When a restaurant starts becoming insta-famous for its picturesque food or ambience, it often catches the attention of food bloggers. This is a proven way to take your restaurant to the next level. Food Bloggers and reviewers have followers ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, people who trust and respect what these people have to say. A positive review or a great food-shot from their profile is sure to inspire their followers to try out your restaurant.

According to Dine Out Explore, Huber and Holly is #4 on the list of 9 cafes in Ahmedabad to beautify your Instagram feed.

3) Use Easy-to-remember Usernames and Catchy Hashtags:

A hashtag or a geotag leaves a tracing clue for more and more people to visit the restaurant. Be it for the #PerfectGram or for the best #Selfie, when more people visit a restaurant, more orders are taken, more photos are clicked, and more followers are gained.

Here, PetPooja comes into the picture with its “Live Table” feature that keeps a track of the all tables and number of people dining in. Comparing the timing of posts and popularity on social media with respect to the number of people who dine-in will give you a definitive insight into the impact of social media in today’s times.

Do not forget to use hashtags that are already popular like #Foodie, #Foodoholics, #Streetfood, #Veganlife and so on. This is because a lot of people search for and follow these popular hashtags and will help you gain visibility on their feeds. Be creative but do not forget that simplicity always trumps!

The visual depicts a constant cycle a customer falls into while visiting a restaurant.

4) Invest in Food Photography shoots:
For maintaining good profiles on Instagram, Food Photography plays a major role for a restaurant’s social media page. Every review site today, be it Google or Zomato emphasizes photographs as much or more than written content.

Click shots from different angles and experiment with focus to get the best shot, make it pop-out by editing and voilà, your picture perfect gram is ready to be uploaded. A good way to build trust amongst your followers is to post pictures of food with regular customers or of people coming in large groups. They feel a sense of belonging to your restaurant because of the added human element.

The difference between an average and insta-worthy shot

5) Events and Fests:

Another great way to increase sales is increasing customer engagement. Involve and entertain your customers by hosting various events like challenges, karaoke, live music, beer games etc. Millennial customers are not just looking for food but they are looking for a curated experience and that is what they are paying for. But how will they come to know about your events? For that, you need to post and alert them about various events and contests using hashtags and endorsements.

Doolally recently held an event “Beer Olympics” which attracted many beer lovers at one place.

6) Post deals and discounts on the social media page.

PetPooja offers multiple discount options such as event based discounts, time based discounts, combo discount configuration, and Buy One Get One(BOGO) discounts. There is no denying that customers are drawn to discounts and actively seek them. Posting about these offers and deals is a sure-shot way to generate immediate interest in the minds of your customers. Petpooja allows you to design your deals and discounts in a way that it not only brings in more customers, but also increases average bill values to make sure that the people who do come end up ordering more!

With the “Event based discount” offered restaurants can post pictures of special deals offered on festivals.
BOGOs always attract customers, especially people who work in office and college going students.

Now, with this newly acquired knowledge, grab a smartphone with a good camera, adjust your lighting and get ready for the perfect “Grammable” photo! Keep track of your customers and offer them a variety of offers via simple configuration on the petpooja software. We got your back :)

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