A Week of Self Love

Recently one of my friends challenged our group to a week of speaking good things about yourself to yourself. She explained it didn’t have to be long but it should be positive. 5 Days of Self Love.




Wednesday, the hump day. Monday and Tuesday was a nice climb to the top. The top of the hump, made me look back at Monday and Tuesday and think of the depth of what could be Thursday and Friday. I looked up to the sky standing at the top of Wednesday’s hump and felt the existentialism creep around me, and shrink my being.

I began to wonder about me, my goals, my experiences (good and bad). The following is my conversation with myself, my journey to get to self love on a Wednesday.

If all I’m doing is waiting to gather all the information, waiting to have all the capital, waiting to have everything set up in the right order, place and time…then truly all I’m doing is waiting.

A Queen should not wait, not doubt…do.

Why are you diminishing your own shine, why do you stifle your own voice…do better, be kinder, to yourself.

Today I have mad feelings of insecurity and diminutiveness. I’m nothing, I’m not great and I am not doing anything important…as much as I want to be…I am forgettable and people don’t seem to care about my existence as much as I care about theirs. I’m everyone’s cheerleader, I’m always so excited and happy for everyone even when I’m lost in a tornado. Why am I so harsh on myself, or is it the truth? Am I just another nobody in the balance of this world.

Whether I am or not, it seems the title doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that I do the damn thing. What’s upsetting me is that I’m not making little strides, I’m sitting here expecting one day it’s all going to be put together, but nothing in life works like that. Everything I’ve ever created or done comes out of my little by little, step by step, trial and error…how can I fail, learn and grow, if I’m not even trying.

Commit to yourself. Grow with yourself. Be yourself, authentic, raw, true and verified.





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