The thunder and the rains make me think rethink. I had a quick shower to ease my headache and when to grab some coffee at Starbucks. I grab a seat at the corner and busy myself with a book. Then a familiar scent hits me like a freight train and I quickly hide under the book. But it’s too late. He spots me from a distant and pulls the chair in front of me. This particular fine specimen of a man had kept stalking me from three days and finally today he has been creeping in my dreams and now he has the nerve to invade my personal space. He gives a look which is of a predator and introduces himself as Daya. After analysing me his whole form changes like he suddenly morphed into another man then he speaks with a very calculated tone "I know you have noticed that I’ve been following you. I’m sorry for freaking you out most of time and I’m glad you dint call 911. It’s just that I find you extremely attractive that I just can’t stay away I really want to get to know you better. Will you spend the day with me?". Woahh that’s a huge thing to think about but my decision is made and I say yes.The day is well spent we watch a movie and have lunch in Baritone,an Italian restaurant and I get to know him better. He works in a tatoo studio and he is a biker. And he also takes care of animals in a shelter. I study his physical features and I’m dazed . He has bronze tousled hair which is wavy straight, and the richest electric blue eyes the ones where you can stare into and lose yourself completely, straight nose, angular cheek bones. His body is amazingly toned. He definitely works out. I can see his muscles flex even with the smallest movement. He’s beautiful inside and out. There is no way this man is made for me. He catches me ogling him and gives a megawatt smile. That’s it. I’m literally crumbling to bits. And he’s all mine. Then I feel the Adrenaline pumping through my veins and decide to voice my roller coaster thoughts. So I say "I think I can’t stay away from you too" With that he crashes his lips to mine and whispers "I love you".