Google Professional UX/UI Design Certification course- My experience

Are you looking for the right path to get knowledge in the field of UX/UI designing? We are giving a full course after which you can become a successful UX/UI designer. This line was swirling in my mind😓 because when I just thought about becoming a UX/UI designer, every platform like Google and social media start showing me ads related to the courses, boot camps, online training, etc. UFF! I started feeling like how they all know about my thoughts, Are they reading my mind? or have I just become mad 😅LOL!

I think you people also feel the same way. Trust me these lines became a part of my life. So, I thought that I should just check some courses, or coaching centre and learn some basic terms, tools etc. I start searching for a platform where I can easily learn UX/UI designing.

Fun Fact: I don’t even know where to start.Hahaha😂

But when I seriously start checking the websites, related boot camps, and training centres, then I felt amazed and shocked that there are so many platforms that are providing unlimited courses. Trust me the internet is your true friend if you use it wisely. So, I make the internet my best friend.

So, are you people ready to dive into the very important phase of my life? Here, I’m to share my experience with the Google Professional UX/UI Design Certification course which is provided by the Coursera Online learning platform(I’m not going to give you course information). I’m only going to share my thoughts and feelings so Apni kursi ki peti bandh lijiye aur chaliye🙃.

Some people might be wondering why they are here? if I’m not going to give them any details or information about the course. Don’t worry I put the link below where you can find the course details and I also mention some highlights of the course. But I can only say that you can find the details easily but maybe you will not be able to find the person’s experience, thoughts, and feelings who is already taken the course😊. I’m writing this article to cheer up all of you who think to become a UX designer or anything they want.

If you people want to see the course details then you can click on this link. You can see various courses provided by Google.

Highlights of the course

I enrolled in this course in January 2022. I take the 3 months subscription which includes 7 courses and each course includes so many video lectures, so many reading sections and many more. The best thing about this course is that whatever we learn we can also practice them by taking the practice quiz provided after each section. Discussion prompt are also available where you can share your thoughts and learning with other fellow learners which I think is the great way to communicate or the opportunity to know about other thoughts.

My Feelings

I have a mixed feelings after completion of each course because when you are on the path of learning new skills then it is natural to feel every emotions like sometime you feel happy or sometime you feel sad, confuse or sometimes you will like you are on the seven mountains when you see your own work live.

My feelings after completing each course😍

When I started taking lectures, one thing was running in my mind is that I can do it! I will do it!. I had a lot of energy at that time but as usual I drop the idea to continue further (Kuki mai bore hone lgi thi😜😅). But after 2–3 days I thought that I put money in this course so vasool to karna padega😂. Then I again started taking classes and you won’t believe me I gained interest in the lessons and after some days I successfully completed my first course of this program with 92.08%🥰. Now rest is the history and I never looked back. Recently I completed my 5th Course (Grades achieved- 94.07%).

For me this course has given me so much knowledge and confidence that I am able to create anything with the right way, right mentors, and with the right approach. Practice is one of the best key to master any thing in life.I learned one thing in my life and I meant it that-

“It’s ok if you are not able to learn in your first attempt. It’s ok if you feel like you are not able to understand the particular point.It’s ok if you think that you need more time to master your skills. It’s totally natural and common.So stay positive! stay motivated!

I can see the change in my work because I’m working so hard to become a good(I can’t remember the another word🤪) UX/UI designer. One more thing is that the instructors assigned for each course are really awesome and they know their work very well. At last I can say that for me this course is highly recommended to you people.

“If I can do it then you surely will😊”.

One thing to keep in mind -

Practice, hard-work, and smart work is the only key to get success.

If you want any guidance (as per my knowledge)in this course then you can contact me on my e-mail address (Only work related e-mails please🙏🏻).

Thanks for reading😊



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Hi, I’m Shivani! I’m a creative and self-motivated learner with a passion for intuitive design that simply improves lives.