Engineering College in Gujarat

It is a childhood dream of many to be an Engineer. Engineer is a person who designs, builds or maintains engines or machines. It is a beautiful field of study that many aspire to be a part of. Yes, there was a time when there were a very few good engineering colleges in India and especially in a state of Gujarat. Gujarat, a beautiful state located in the Western India and sometimes also referred as the “Jewel of western India”, now has a lot of jewels that you can look for.

Among the many, the Marwadi University is a university located in the Western part of the country and is considered to be the best Engineering College in Gujarat. It is the Technical Campus Gauridad and is the first of its kind integrated Campus that offers and is still offering Professional Technical Education under the Umbrella of MEFGI in the state of Gujarat at Rajkot.

Rajkot, as we all know, is a place which is very well known to have many good engineering colleges from all over the world. In a versatile world, where there are many options to choose from it becomes very important for any student to be well versed with all their queries. Yes, we understand that it must be really difficult for any student to choose the best for themselves. You can now rely on the Marwadi University, which is the best Engineering College in Gujarat and has a lot to offer to its students.

We feel sincerely proud to be the Top College in Gujarat, with innumerable subjects to choose from. It is indeed an honour to have so many students with us in our journey who are now serving the nation and abroad. Hence, we feel delighted and blessed to be tagged as one of the Top Colleges in Rajkot. To be more abrupt these are some of the best courses offered to the students; Engineering & Technology (Ug+Pg+PhD), Computer Application, Management (MBA+ PGD) and Architecture (B. Arch).

As we all know that learning is the main task of all engineering students and at Marwadi University this is the foremost priority. We offer four years of good study to all its students and make sure that whatever is being taught here stays with the students till the end of their life. So, without any further delay, you can browse our site and get all the information of our University and be well-versed with all required.

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