Ever felt lonely?
Really, really lonely?

That moment, when you feel the Sun setting inside you. Everthing becomes dark and gloomy. Initially, it is just like an evening, dim lights and a pinch of sadness lurking in a corner. Then, slowly, it gets darker.

Have you ever been in that pitch dark world?

Nothing around but darkness.

Those nights are difficult, you know. There is no moon, no stars, not even a candle or a matchstick. 
When that pitch black darkness dawns over you and you want to shout-out loud but you don’t, because noone would hear anyway; when in that pitch dark night, you can hear your heart thumping and your breath sounds like a wild storming wind.

When it gets all cave dark and a bit more - and not in the poetic sense - in a grotesque way.

Stay right there. 
Survive it. 
If you survive that, you will survive everything.

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