Part 3 chemistry lab.

After that day I knew Luke is this weird guy. But nevermind he was in my class. After few days he asked the professor and made me his partner in chemistry lab. I knew there was something going on in his mind. He is crazy.

So the professor explained us the experiment. I washed the appartus. Luke was staring at some chemicals. I asked him to turn up the burner and let the water boil.

I started to do the test. And then after distinguishing the chemicals. I kept the one to be used on the other side of the table. Luke instead of letting the boiled water cool down. Added the chemical.. idiot. First some smoke started to come. We notified the professor.. he somehow stopped the reaction. Huh.. i got B grade … because of him . Sigh.

After the practical . We were walking down the street. I was silent. He apologized. And said sometimes it’s fun to do experiments rather to follow the instructions. He told me that he knew what reaction it would cause. That’s why he did it. I was surprised knowing that Luke knew what he was doing .

I think he was right. Sometimes you learn from your mistakes. And it’s good to be adventurous. And do new stuff learn new stuff.

Above is the picture of Luke.

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