To the stranger

 Well let me tell you a story ! 
Once upon a time , there lived a human who showed mercy and kindness . Who was nice . And knew what humanity was. But then world war started. War ! For what? To keep peace? Irony right? 
Then it became powerful. Lost it’s mind .
(Why that 'it’? Well it’s 2017 you can’t talk about gender so let it rest. )There’s a human. Another human longing for love. Pretty loveable. But it all changed when the other human met the first one. The first human was cruel. It became rude. Power sometimes make humans polite ( very rare) but it sure makes arrogant and Rude. Then the century changed. Decades after decades people found ways to connect to the whole world. Letters, telegram , radio, tv, cellular phones, email, internet etc. But unfortunately we lost the love. The authenticity in conversations. The feel. Social media and the effects on our mental health. Some are positive but some are negative. And people are becoming rude. And we are supposed to accept it. People will put on mask and make fun of you when you are true. When you honestly say something. I thought honesty deserved respect . Alas ! It didn’t. Instead people starts to take you for granted. Say something bad people will love you. And the most funniest thing , we are becoming more dependent on science but only few of us know about it. I know everyone have different styles and interests but people are thinking that climate change is not a real thing. You must have noticed once upon a time has ended long ago. And so our earth is getting punctuation mark. Humanity is getting lost. And if you are kind enough to be good please forget the bad people and don’t let your goodness die. Cause you are worth it. Yes you! You are precious to earth , to me ! Remember it !
 Thank you! For your Time!