Picture credits — Prasanjeet Yadav

We were like dancing flames
Burning bright, fading slow

I stood in the aftermath-afterglow of your ruin
I watched you, revel in the arson that consumed you,

You could see no way out, but further in.
I held out my hand,

It was my desolation you feared.

One step forward, taking two steps back
I didn’t know what I had to lack, for you to think I was enough.
What must I do
To be vile enough to play with your fire tonight?

Your mighty flames wash to ashes in my small hands

The waves, the fleece, the sands of time,
I bring to you.
Rejected, they retreat.

I stand my ground.

With no where to go, but here
I promise to wait,
To stay.

To fight, to dance, to burn with you tonight.