Travelling with Infant: "Do's and Don'ts"

Travelling with an infant is always a question for new mommies. Everyone needs break and especially moms when they get tired of the same busy routine & baby’s unexpected tantrums and grumpiness.

There are thousands of queries that come to mind when parents plan to travel with their infant. “Is it right time to travel with my baby? How will we manage the things? Will the weather conditions be suitable for him or not? What will I do if I need anything there? And So on.

My baby girl is now one and half year. We have done almost 5-6 national-international tours with her till now. Initially we chose the place which is nearby to Pune so we travelled to Mumbai when she was 6 months old.

Moms keep asking me “How do you manage everything with her?” and the countless thoughts start running in my mind. So finally I decided to put my answers in one place. I hope this helps.

Travel Less: Choose the city or country nearby. More travelling exhausts both you and your baby. If you are travelling in the country, select places with less distance.

If you are travelling abroad, again select the country nearby. 
Avoid too much cold or hot place to visit. Choose a place with moderate temp.

Flight preparation: If you are taking flight first time with your baby, you must keep the following points in your mind.

  • It is better to take direct flight to the place.
  • Consult with his pediatrician before travelling. Sometimes pediatrician recommend syrup for the babies so that they can comfortably sleep during the flight. Also baby’s health needs to be checked by the doctor before travel.
  • Carry cotton plugs for you and baby. Sometimes baby starts crying uncontrollably because of pressure problem at height.
  • While entering the plane, enter at the end. Entering early in the plane may make your baby get bored.

At airport:

  • Ask for the comfortable seat.
  • Ask for the baby seat/ baby bed.
  • Ask for assistance if you are travelling alone.

Pre-preparation for mom:

  • To know the current weather conditions of the place such as temperature, Humidity, Rainy conditions etc.
  • To know the facilities available in the hotel.

Things to carry with you:

  • Less luggage.
  • Extra pair of baby clothes
  • Baby’s essentials such as diapers, caps, socks, oil, soap etc.
  • Mosquito repellent kit
  • Thermos bottle for hot water
  • Medicines for fever, cold cough, gastric discomfort, rash crème etc.
  • 2-3 of their favorite toys.
  • Anything you need every day for your baby.

Pre-preparation for baby: Baby’s mind also needs to be prepared for the trip. So initial trips you should plan in the city like go for shopping, visit the gardens etc. Once you feel that now your baby understands the different situations & places and also enjoys travelling, you may plan for longer trip outside the city.

Food preparation: This is the main concern for all moms ”How food will be arranged or prepared for my baby? So ladies chill. I will give you 2-3 best tips to relieve the stress.

  • Make prior call to the hotel where you are going to stay and ask for the arrangements you need for cooking (Most of the hotels provide kettle in the room.)
  • Carry the food ingredients* and ask the hotel staff to prepare it. Most the hotels don’t deny doing that.
  • Carry raw food ingredients such as powdered Dal-rice( Khichdi), Dalia, Suzi/rawa.
  • You may carry Cerelac also. It is easy to prepare and feed.
  • Carry atta biscuits, home made chips, wafers etc.
  • Don’ts:
  • Do not take decisions in hurry.
  • Do not leave anything on assumption. Know each and everything in advance.
  • Carry everything you need for the baby.
  • Do not travel much in single trip. Keep your itinerary limited with enough relax time as well. Relax more and spend more time with each other. Travelling on a self planned trip can be better than travelling via agent because then you may have to travel according to tour.

This blog has been written based on my personal experience. Every parent and every child is different. Eventually child is child. We can never predict their behavior in different circumstances. Hence keep no expectations. Sometime the children could annoy you but many times they could just surprise you as well by keeping calm.
So don't worry and go ahead and introduce your child to the wonderful world of traveling.

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