Connect — Makes Your Business Communication Easy and Streamlined

Needless to say that communication is the lifeblood of any business. It is the essence that drives the organization and creates a prolific business environment. For making intercommunication within the organizations easy and hassle free, “Connect” is an impeccable communication and collaboration tool that is worth opting for.

Developed by a team of passionate and proficient software developers, Connect is a path-breaking communication tool that endeavors to create a decent communication flow in an organization. When it is talked about Connect, three things spring to the mind — convenience, easy accessibility and security. It is a safe and secured application for web, android and iOS users that allows them to communicate with their colleagues on the go in a convenient manner.

Considering the fact that businesses encompass a wide array of teams and departments, Connect gives you an option of bifurcating people on the basis of favorites, team, departments and location as per the needs and requirements. Talking about its major functions, there are 4 modules that make the overall work easy and stress-free. These are as follows -

  1. Today — Today screen shows birthdays, events, tasks and anniversaries that are dated today. It acts as a reminder for the employees. Thus, you can send your colleagues good wishes and thoughts for the day.

2. People — This module comprises of the employee directory. You can roll your eyes on the personal and work-related details of all the employees and thereafter add them in favorites section (if required). When you open this screen, there are 4 options that are visible- All, Favorites, My Team and My Status. Admin has the right to add employees and delete them.

3. Chat — Connect is a well-designed and user-friendly team collaboration app that allows you to send one-to-one messages or group messages to the concerned person/persons. Apart from that you can also create a room where countless people can be added and informed about a deal. Moreover, it also allows you to share multiple files ranging up to 10 MBs each from either Dropbox or from Computer. In a group chat, maximum strength of members is 10. On the other hand, in the room option, myriad of people can be added.

4. Posts — Admin has the rights to send a post to all the employees across the organization by selecting broadcast tab. Apart from the admin and manager, if someone wants to send an important post to the other employees, then it will be limited to their own team.

Moreover, employees can create their tasks for the day and manage all of them by setting the reminders. Also, you can choose the notification option and view all the notifications right from the date from which you started the Connect account till present. Notification may be regarding posts, status/profile change of any employee, birthdays or any other updates. Also, by selecting starred items, you can star all the important messages and thereafter, go through it again anytime and any day.

Connect is a free communication app that will undoubtedly change the way your organization communicates internally. Whether on web, Android or iOS platform, it will boost up the communication cycle and make it a hassle free task. Easy to sync and use, Connect is known to maximize the productivity of your business while creating a systematic flow of communication.

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