Hot Rolled Coils & Sheets supplier in Faridabad

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals

Why we are the most trusted company in faridabad ?

Huge Variety

We have the biggest variety of all kinds of iron & Steel Products. You name it, we can deliver.

Unmatched Quality

Quality is the utmost thing we care about. Each product is supplied with various quality checks and proper MTC is provided.

On-Time Delivery

Rest assured of the delivery of products at your doorstep within time. We have taken care of it all.

Competitive Prices

We provide the cheapest and most competitive prices for all steel products. But we never compromise on quality.

We supply products as per National & International Standard like ASTM, BS, IS , DIN, ANME, ANSI, MSS, etc keeping the best Quality Management process, efficient and skilled workforce
Today markets in India & world over are demanding products with better performance, more reliability and higher quality. We focus on catering to the needs of such producers and giving them the best before and after sales service. Big or small we process any orders quickly and effectively, withusual lead times of a week or less.

we are the best Hot Rolled Coils & Sheets supplier in Faridabad

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