GSoC 19: User Preference Added!

Shivansh Bindal
Aug 13 · 1 min read

After the second evaluation, I worked on adding a user preference. The snippets and notification count in the title were visible to every user. But, some users may find it disturbing. So, user preference is added so that the user can select whether or not snippets and notifications count should be displayed.

As of now, there is only one preference for both displaying notification snippet and displaying total notification count in the title which in future can be split into 2 different preferences.

Also, I started working on updating the seen state of badge(alert, message) widgets. For this all recent notifications are checked if they are seen or not and based on this the unseen class is added to the badges.

Again, I will like to thank my mentors Kosta Harlan and Roan Kattouw for helping me. You can track this task here. Stay tuned for further updates on this project.

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