GSoC 2019: Coding Begins

Shivansh Bindal
Jun 13 · 2 min read

Continuing from my previous blog, where I gave a brief introduction about the project that I will be working on this summer with the WikiMedia Foundation as part of GSoC 2019 and also what I did during the community bonding period.

From working on other issues and going through the code, I got a decent understanding of the Echo extension codebase. I also started delving deep into various ways in which I can make notifications count change without page reload.
This consisted of two major parts:
1. Finding a way to get the number of unread notifications
2. Updating the count of notifications on header icons

On discussion with the mentors, for the first part, we are planning to use the MediaWiki API that gives us the count of unread alerts and messages at that moment of time for the logged in user.

Sample response of the API call

Now, as we have the number of unread notifications we have to update the count of header icons. For this, we have to change the attribute values and other related values of the alert and message icons. This is a bit tricky part as we have to take care of various corner cases.

Alert and Message Icons

As of now, we are planning to do this sequence of steps after 60 secs (polling).

I would like to thanks my mentors Kosta Harlan and Roan Kattouw for their constant support and am I excited to make further progress on this project. Stay tuned for updates on the project.

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