GSoC 2019: Second Evaluation

Shivansh Bindal

As mentioned in my previous blog, that I was working on temporarily displaying the notification text using the mw.notify() library. So, if there are any new notifications a snippet showing relevant information regarding the new notification should appear temporarily.

Some points of discussion while implementing this involved the aesthetics part i.e. how it should look, for how much time should we display the snippet, what should be the content inside it, and should it be visible to everyone. On discussion with mentors, we agreed upon showing the default type in mw.notify(), same goes for the time part. We decided to keep a heading and the header of the notification inside the snippet.

Also, the polling rate was decreased when the user is not currently using the tab i.e. when document.hidden is set to true.

We had our second evaluation of the Google Summer of Code which I passed successfully. Thanks to my mentors Kosta Harlan and Roan Kattouw for their feedback. I would definitely work on improving it. The project can be tracked here. Stay tuned for more details on this project.

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