This another item in bucket list? Check.

I hail from a small city in India. I cleared JEE in 2016 and I am currently pursuing B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. As a kid, I always wanted to attend an EDM festival, probably Tomorrowland but couldn’t afford anything more than a Sunburn at that time. I remember the days when it was 2014 when it was nearly the end of the year. All the top DJ’s, including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, were going to perform that year. But because I was so young, my parent’s bureaucracy never let me go to a place haunted in the name of substance abuse. Next year I was preparing for JEE. I wanted to take a break this year and go to Goa but I decided not to waste those 4 days of JEE prep so this year also I missed that Sunburn. But here is the time for Antaragni’17, IIT Kanpur’s annual cultural fest. The core team of the event managed to get KSHMR for EDM pronite. This is going to be my first Sunburn. So was that previous sacrifice for the JEE prep worth it? This Sunburn’s magnitude is much lower than that of Goa but still… Event is going to start in nearly half an hour from now and I am currently gearing up for the event. So this another item in the bucket list? Check.

What next? Tomorrowland, Belgium!

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