Best CI/CD Practices

A set of best development practices you wish you’d known before publishing your first Action.

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I don’t know about you, but software engineering interested me for its ability to automate stuff and let me be lazy. Most of the development that takes place now fundamentally automates one or the other services. However, anything at scale means there will be more tasks, as part of developer workflow, that would, only if automated, help speed up the rapid development.

No, even if it sounds a little bit similar, I’m not trying to be a DevOps Advocate, since that term’s interpretation is really quite varied and vast.

Now, when it comes to development workflow there’s quite a lot of stuff that could be automated, rather than just “build/test/package” cycle commonly provided by CI/CD services. And that’s why GitHub Actions is the perfect tool to handle it — since you’ve got code, documentation, issues, pull requests, code reviews, releases, and even packages, all in one place! …

How I spent a weekend building a product from scratch with an awesome team and winning the hackathon!

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Do you know what’s more exciting than building an awesome product from scratch with your own hands? …

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Matrix effect with Python code (Source: Original)


Frustrated with tons of problems in DRF? Sorry, but this library doesn’t claim to fix them, regardless of what the library’s name may imply. :D This library does one thing only — implements RFC 7807 in our favourite Django REST Framework! Or, in layman terms, it introduces “Problem Details” in the HTTP APIs.

Why do I care?

Well, let’s suppose that you’re a star of API engineering and follow the best practices whenever building anything RESTful. Your serializers are neat, follows OpenAPI spec, incorporates proper versioning of endpoints and you know how to name your endpoints.

Things were great until you realized that you need to inform clients of different kind of errors in the same endpoint. Now you get stuck googling and going through many of Stack Overflow answers on what status code to use! …


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