5 Things to keep in mind before Choosing an Engineering College.

Let me tell you about something which I didn't know when I was searching for the Engineering College to join. College is very important phase of everyone’s life .I ensure that if you keep this 5 points in your mind you will never regret your decision.

  1. Alumni of College: 
    When you take admission in any college the first thing you should see is who are the alumni of the that college, because the impression of alumni plays a great role in the companies decision of recruiting from that college or not. If the alumni has made a good impression in that particular field then those industries will be attracted towards that college for recruitment.
  2. Infrastructure of College: 
    Infrastructure doesn't mean that the buildings of campus should be good looking. It means the quality and quantity of equipments, machineries and resources which are available for you.
    For example if you want to take admission into computer branch you should go and visit the computer lab’s of college. Similarly if you are interested in Mechanical branch you can check what type of machineries are available in the Workshop of that college.
    And by resources I mean Library. A college with good library is really important because if the college doesn't have a good library than even if you are a good student you might not be able to get the knowledge you desire.
  3. In Campus Hostel: 
    One of the most import part of college life is Hostel. I know many people prefer to stay at home or Rent a house but according to me the exposure you get in hostel is something you will value your whole life. I guarantee you, the best moment of your college life will come from hostel. So I insist that you stay in Hostel.
  4. Affiliation of College: 
    When you choose a college you will not be choosing to be a part of one college but a group of colleges. Many of them have affiliation with colleges within and outside of country. Such affiliation will effect the quality and quantity of opportunities you get in college and even after you pass out . Such Opportunities can be in form of exchange program ,summer research program and even in a form of study material provided to you.
  5. Extra Curricular Activities and Events: 
    The difference between yourself when you join the college and the time when you pass out from college, is not only influenced by the college but also the extra curricular activities conducted by college or the club of college you belong to. Various colleges organize various Fest every year but what makes this Fest successful is the Students working to organize the Fest. During this time is when you learn how to be a leader , a team player and how to handle pressure or pursue people.

These are the five things which I think, should influence your decision in choosing the college.

In the end I would like to say I see many people blindly joining the college just because some relative said that this college is good or your friend is joining that college . Please don’t do that, research about the college you want to join and then decide by yourself .If you are satisfied that you should join that college then don’t hesitate and stick to your decision .

P.S: This is my first article please let me know how is my writing and feel free if you have any other points which you think should be added in this article.