Surf Excel Pakistan has come up with a heart touching ad which will leave you with a fuzzy heart.

We all know that surf excel has always stood up for their punchline that is “If while helping others your clothes get dirty,then dirt is good. In this ad too, a little boy along with his friends helps an old ‘samosa vendor’ sell his savories (after his cart got stuck into a pit) doing his good deed for the day. They stains their clothes in the process, but of course, the mother doesn’t get angry. Thus, the hashtag used in the campaign #MadadEkIbadat (Helping is an act of faith) very well justifies the campaign.

A screenshot from youtube

“The difference between the two countries is subtle. Unless we politicize it, talk about something ‘big’, no one can really guess the origin of this ad.” What’s remarkable about this two-minute-twenty-seconds long ad, is that the ‘client’ is Surf Excel Pakistan, and the creative agency and production crew is from India. That’s a powerful message of peace, indeed.
In less than a week, the ad has fetched over a million views on YouTube and has pulled in shares and comments across Indian and Pakistani social media.If you haven’t watched the video yet,here is the link: