Why Parents love Plowns.

Every child has his/her own light, so why not bring them into the limelight and be their superheroes. Children starts learning even before they are born. They can cast their magic spells in different ways, in different languages.

Source: plowns.com

No wonder parents are called children’s first teachers! So, why not share your kid’s creativity, imagination and curiosity with the world through the platform called Plowns and let them shine bright like a diamond, sparkle like a star. Urge your children to consider ways they could change the design of man-made items. What we believe in is “All that is not shared is lost” -The Rig Veda.

Being creative together is one way parents love to connect with their kids. So, start connecting through creativity with plowns. Here’s the link : https://goo.gl/WMijKI