20 Harry Potter Characters you should hire for your Startup

It has been two magical decades since our favorite fandom hit the bookshelves. While my fellow Potterheads are celebrating this moment, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate this incredible milestone in my style.

When I was pondering on how to incorporate my favorite series into our blog posts, I overheard a discussion about lifting the hiring freeze to recruit a new developer for our firm. From what I heard, they were quite specific about the characteristics of prospective candidates.

This conversation gave me an impromptu flash of inspiration. The inspiration led to a daydream. (Hopefully, my boss overlooks this!)

What if a startup hired only the characters from Harry Potter? Wouldn’t that make the perfect team? (lets out a long sigh..) What would the organization chart look like? What roles would our beloved characters take up? Here’s what we came up with.

Nymphadora Tonks- Developer

Our weird yet wonderful Tonks is one of the most adorable characters in the Potter Universe. Despite being featured in just a few scenes, she managed to stand out not just because of her vibrant hair but also due to her quirky mannerisms.

She is funny and easygoing by nature but is capable of channelling a fierce warrior when the situation demands it. Her metamorphmagus skills may portray her as someone who doesn’t want to blend in, but her characteristic traits would tell us a different story.

Our cheerful Hufflepuff is persistent and pragmatic enough to go after what she wants. She doesn’t let anyone’s doubt stop her from having a beautiful, albeit temporary life.

Her determination and persistence revamped her from a playful young adult into a seasoned warrior over the course of the series.

A software developer is much more than the sum of programming languages and technologies they’ve worked on.

A smart alec developer like Tonks would be technically strong, empathetic enough to look at an issue from the end user’s perspective, flexible for adapting to new technologies depending on the scope of the project.

Luna Lovegood — Graphic Designer

Don’t you dare call her loony! Now that we’ve settled it let’s get back to the blog.

If you look beyond her radish earrings and ludicrous dresses, you will find her to be an abstract artist who stands out in a crowd full of wizarding cloaks and dress robes.

She displays an array of quirky mannerisms and has a distinctive sense of style. We got to see that first-hand from the hand-painted portrait of her friends.

While those portraits showcase the artistic ability, her unique creations like the butterbeer cork necklace and the roaring Gryffindor lion hat expresses her out-of-box style.

Luna might seem like an odd egg at times, but her uncanny though process, level-headedness and off-beat approach to life would make her an effective addition to your team. She could give your organisation the much-needed breakthrough with her eccentric yet innovative designs.

In addition to the mandatory artistic ability, a good graphic designer should be imaginative, and truly passionate about bringing an idea to life through their design. That is why I believe Luna would be an exemplary candidate.

Sirius Black — Technical Lead

A few readers may think that I’m off my rocker for choosing Sirius as the Technical lead. “A marauder in a managerial position? Woman! Are you mad?” No, I’m not. My mother had me tested like Sheldon’s mom ;) So, please hear me out before you jump to conclusions.

Sirius is not just a rugged looking bad boy with a good heart. Just as his name Sirius (brightest star, the dog star) denotes, he was one of the most brilliant Hogwarts Alumni. Technically he was damn high, though his ethical meter tended to go a bit off center at times due to petty rivalries, his integrity was completely intact.

His jovial attitude would help him build a great rapport with his team members, and his charismatic character would help him keep things light and create a positive vibe that encourages team members to work hard just to get a word of appreciation from him.

(Not fangirling! It’s true.)

Team members would be ready to stretch themselves thin for a friendly team leader who doesn’t hesitate to leverage his influence and power to take care, promote and serve his team. So, I would bet all the gold in Gringotts that Sirius would seriously be the right choice!

Minerva McGonagall — Human Resources Manager

I can definitely feel your disbelief. McGonagall is a tough cookie, quite the fierce lioness with a sarcastic sense of humor. But, how would she make up a good HR Manager?

She has a keen eye for spotting hidden talents and encourages the gifted wizards/witches to work hard on cultivating them. Harry would never have become the youngest seeker in a century if she had never spotted his talent.

When Hogwarts was getting ready for the battle and the team came up with the idea to blow up the Wooden Bridge, it was Minerva who instantly suggested Seamus for the job considering his proclivity for pyrotechnics, by remembering the times he blew things up.

She takes up the initiative to save Hogwarts when Snape flees, is resourceful, has a depth of perception and the intellectual integrity to remain unbiased (You can’t visit Hogsmeade without the permission form, even if you are Harry Potter, one of her favorites).

She has a keen sense of timing and tries to dissolve conflicts before they become unmanageable, knows how to motivate employees, (just being compassionate and offering your employees a biscuit with some sound advice could help you prevent disasters, provided that your employee is not Harry Potter).

In short, McGonagall is the right candidate to be a consummate HR manager who could remain impartial with an ability to plan strategically ahead and dedicate herself to work for the betterment of the employee and the company.

Rubeus Hagrid — Admin

Hagrid may be a half giant but most of the times is an overgrown kid with a tender heart. He is much more than what we perceive him to be.

He may seem disorganized and messy in general, but his hardworking nature, willingness to help anyone and everyone, readiness to pitch in anytime, indifferent attitude and commitment in completing even a menial task assigned to him makes him our ideal candidate.

His approach might seem unprofessional, but you gotta agree with me that he would exceed our expectations. If Dumbledore would trust his life with Hagrid, why can’t we trust him to provide administrative support for our organization?

Percy Weasley — Legal Advisor

Well, that was a bit obvious, wasn’t it? Percy could be an obnoxious prat at times, but you gotta agree on the fact that no one else would have memorized a rule book from cover to cover.

To people who think he has integrity issue, yes, I agree that he is not the perfect prefect he portrayed to be. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is inherently bad. He might have messed up his priorities.

Perhaps, his ambition won over his family loyalty, but he did figure out what really mattered and proved us that his heart was in the right place all along.

Yes, he is a pompous know-it-all, a goody two shoes, who has a fetish for rules and love for power. But his equally infuriating nature of abiding by the rule book would keep your organisation safe from legal repercussions.

Apart from being over ambitious and far too dedicated, his discipline approach and diplomacy is bound to rub off on us. Also, his bookaholic nature and ability to work under pressure would come in handy whenever he needs to stop your firm from drowning in a legal quicksand.

Gilderoy Lockhart — Sales Executive

Yes, Lockhart is pompous, incredibly vain, and a fraud to boot. But, when it comes to self-promoting techniques, he is a pro. In his tenure as a defense against dark arts teacher, he was more inclined towards self-promotion rather than teaching.

He might seem like a complete idiot who has no magical prowess whatsoever, but his astute thinking certainly gave him an upper hand and he was smart enough to take advantage of the available opportunities.

He was well aware of the fact that Hogwarts had trouble finding a defense against dark arts teacher every year due to a curse. Yet, he took it up as an opportunity to sell the complete set of his works by assigning them as course books for the year.

He tried to use the book-signing session to announce his appointment to the world, just another one of his publicity stunts. If he had stuck to his plan, his announcement would have barely received an exclusive column.

Yes, the opportunistic use of Harry Potter at the bookstore to promote the sales of his book is shallow indeed. But, when you take a look at the fame he garnered from this little act, you would understand what a brilliant strategy it was. After all, being featured on the cover page of the wizarding world’s newspaper is no small feat.

Similarly, a best sales executive is not one who finds or uses the available opportunity perfectly, but also creates chances and actively explores tactics to sell your product.

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