About the world as i see it.

This is a tale about how tolerance prevailed upon anger — Should and Must. It’s a pep talk for any individual who knows how outrage has assumed control over there minds for very long — months, years, perhaps a lifetime — and feels like its about time they surrendered outrage and chose peace.

the world in which I live is messed up, sometime in the past individuals use to help each other and use to live in concordance, yet now as you see the time wheel has spun so quick that we have lost our motivation we are at a skirt where I don’t think our reality is making any history, a history where we read about Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King or che Guevera it’s in past at this point. a wise man once told me artificial intelligence is a brilliant decision for the general public yet not for mankind. it’s not about the improvement it’s about what advancement is driving us into. it’s not my motivation to influence you parents to understand the reality. I just need to recount the narrative of various analyses with truth and as my life exists of only those little truths.as I grew up I saw the paths I played in moved toward becoming war zones, the town where my grandpa lived has remnants of clashing loyalties. individuals discuss battling a war inside however they overlook that carnage is on the asphalts. I am no man to stress over another human all I am stressed over is given every one of our abilities, assets, and gifts, we, so clearly equipped for being the best, settle so frequently for the most exceedingly terrible. would it be that we as a human race are absent? at the heart of each person is the belief that the people of our reality have the power. by dint of hard work, to understand their dream of a peaceful decent life.