One more shooting in USA, Orlando, Florida (50 Killed)!!

50 killed in Florida night club shooting!!

And they want to legalize gun control. Imagine giving guns to FEAR Monkeys (not everyone), and thats the fate of this society now. Yes, AI is coming, we can buy robots If we have enough money and I can see the impending danger!!

Modern society is broken, divided with hindus, muslims, nations, colors (black, white), castes, sects, community’s, my school your school’s, my family your family’s, my political party and your political party’s. Division is everywhere, and they still don’t realize the gravity of this situation.

If you look at the news, people are so shocked, and terrified. I’m wondering why are they not shocked at the division. For god’s sake please find out the cause of these incidents.

When you look at a rose flower you don’t judge it by saying rose is beautiful than Jasmine. Rose has its own beauty and Jasmine has its own beauty, they both are beautiful. But this society, who belong to roses, keep chanting only roses are great not jasmines. And Jasmines do the same. If we dig deeper, Roses name their god as “Rose God” and keep saying “Rose God” is the supreme god. Needless to say, Jasmine’s do the same. You must know this, not all roses really know anything about god and neither do Jasmines really know anything about god. They just blindly follow things.

There is no way we can establish peace and happiness unless there is a division. Only when the division ends, peace dawns, like a sun rise in the morning!!