5 Things You Certainly Do Not Know About Hiring Freelance Photographers in Dubai

Weddings have always been a special occasion. Everyone tries to look the best, most importantly the bride and the groom. It is their day. They want to keep it memorable. According to the norm, they can hire a photographer to record all their special moments. However, if you are trying to save on expenses and still need finesse, go for an experienced freelance photographer in Dubai instead of hiring a photography company.

Below you will find 5 important things to know about freelance photographers.

Freelance vs. Professional

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between a freelance and a professional. A freelance photographer is an enthusiast who has learned almost everything about the basics of photography and maybe more and can click like a pro, that too at a lower price. On the other hand, a professional photographer is one whose livelihood depends on his photography skills and tends to charge much more than a freelancer as they work in studios.


A freelance photographer might not have studied for a professional course but that does not put him on a lower pedestal than a professional. Photography is all about seeing things differently and it is not something that can be taught. Although professional photographers are expert in their jobs, a freelance might be talented enough to be better than them as they are self-taught and have learned from experience.

Lower charges

As discussed earlier, freelancers charge quite less than professional photographers because they don’t depend on clicking photos for their food and shelter. A good freelance photographer is a blessing for a couple looking to make their wedding memorable at a reasonable price. Although there might be extra charges incurred while printing the photos later the total price will never go as high as that of a professional photographer’s all inclusive fee.

Good Equipment, Good Work

A freelance photographer is not just a person with a hobby of photography. They are talented and look for opportunities to monetize it. They are not as sought after as professional studios, therefore, they work hard to provide their clients with the best to retain them and gain goodwill. A satisfied client will bring many more clients. Hence, freelancers use good equipment for best results.

Motivated People

Freelance photographers are motivated people as they love the job they do. Professional photographers might seem lax about a project they have to work for under compulsion from the studio they work in. This does not happen in the case of freelancers. They take interest in what they are expected to do.

Your dream wedding could turn into reality; at least it can be close to that. Make sure to make the right choice regarding your freelance Pre Wedding Photography Dubai and you will relive the dream every time you open that album even after years have passed.

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Author Bio: Shiva SS is Freelance Photographers in Dubai and Pre Wedding Photography Dubai specializing in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery.