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On March 4, 2020, I saw that my friend Anand was building an open platform to help an NGO. This group had designed a Food and Health Kit and had established safety protocols. I called him up and found myself at a conference the next day.

15 odd people, whom I had never met before were trying to feed the marginalized. They had already raised Rs. 700,000 (~ $ 9,000) and had partnered with an NGO to handle on-ground distribution.

I was told that the our kit was designed to sustain a small family for 1 month.

The optimist in me saw a set of volunteers with good intentions, trying to do their best to support the community. The pessimist in me saw the restrictions due to lock-down and the general fear in the air. …


Shivek Khurana

Clojure/ React Hacker. Indie Business Enthusiast. Amateur Mindfulness Seeker & Writer. Other home:

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