Judge yourself instead of judging others

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that we all do mistakes.

Based on the culture and belief system under which we grew, we ‘define’ certain things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — which may not be the case for a person who lived in a different culture or followed a different belief system.

A lot of times, I observe that people start judging others based on their own belief/value system. They call other person as ‘bad’ if the act s/he is doing is not good as per their own belief system — which is not fair, and then they feel happy thinking that they are better than them. You say few bad words and then move on.

The sad part here is that you don’t add value either to yourself or to others by seeing bad habits in others.

I would like to say just one thing — if you really want to judge, see good habits in others ( as per your belief system), compare them with that of your own and see whether you can inculcate/instil some of them in your life so as to be a better person.

Try to be better version of ‘you’ day by day 😊