Why listen to music when you can experience it instead?

As our entry to the Udacity VR Jam, we’re excited to announce our project — soundVRse — which will be ready to go, at least in prototype form, by the end of this month (February 2017).

soundVRse is an experiential music application built for the HTC Vive that allows users to place sounds all around them in 3D space and then revel in the unique, immersive compositions they create. Position the vocals near your ears, throw the guitars onto an object nearby, and teleport around to experience the same sounds from different angles. Each unique composition you create allows you to experience songs you love in different ways, forming stronger, more intimate connections with your favorite songs and artists.

The team

Our team is composed of hackers, hustlers, and hipsters that share a passion for music and virtual reality. We’re bringing together our expertise to rethink how music will be experienced within the new and exciting medium of VR.

From left to right: Micah, Shiv, and Nate

Shiv Kumar is an ex-Google sales guy turned ex-New Relic software engineer. For the past year, he’s been starting his own company, but got infected by the VR bug along the way and decided to drop everything to explore new opportunities in VR. He’s passionate about music and its intersection with this new and exciting medium.

Micah Tinklepaugh is a UX prototyper at Meta AR. He is finishing his VR Nanodegree and helped conceive the Hyperloop Operator Application for the SpaceX competition. He studied cognitive science at UCSD, where he learned to investigate and improve human-computer interaction.

Nate Black is a software engineer at Salesforce, currently developing the Einstein artificial intelligence platform. He is finding a creative outlet in VR and game development.

Further reading

This post will serve as our master where we’ll link to further posts documenting our progress on things like design, prototyping, project management, Git setup / best practices, and anything else we feel like writing about…

Follow along as we make some magic happen :)

Update (3/1/17):

We did it! We got so busy in the process that we (sadly) didn’t make time for documenting our progress. We’ll be sure to go back and write down some of the things we’ve learned, but for now, check out the v1 of soundVRse! If you’ve got an HTC Vive, click here to download the app and try it out yourself. If not or if you’re feeling lazy, sit back and enjoy this not-at-all-edited gameplay video:

soundVRse Gameplay video