30’s is the new 20’s

Gone are the days when people were settled by the time they reached their thirties. Now thirties is the new twenties. The definition of being settled has changed vastly. Previously once one start working and be self dependent he or she was considered ready for marriage, however, now getting a job with a refined six figure salary, more than one premium cars and owning a flat at posh location is considered somewhat settled.

Way of life, technology, choice of brands, ways of shopping and approach towards internet are some of the major changes over the last decade.

Brands which formerly only higher salaried groups could afford are now used by middle waged youngsters. However, the approach towards money and responsibilities has drastically differed. An average salaried young man would spend 70% of his salary on a Rolex, in contrast to the olden times when a young man in his early twenties would marry and be responsible for the entire family.

Getting married during 30’s is a common practise now, institution of marriage is matter of choice and not a result of social pressure.

There are various theories debating about the perfect age of getting married, some state it is best to invest early years of your life in holding responsibilities and enjoy the latter part while others state that late twenties and early thirties is the time when people are mature and do not confuse weddings with flings. There are others that even state 39 to 40 as the perfect age for getting married. So basically someone or the other thinks that from teenage to late forties anytime is ideal for getting married.

Whatever the case may be but settling later in life certainly increases the period of youth and freedom. It also increases the duration an individual can invest towards their career. Once financially settled, there is better understanding of time and finance management among individuals.

Let’s drill deeper in the subject and analyze the benefits of this new trend.

Self dependency — During early twenties young men and women are most of the time financially dependent on their families. They are right out from college and there earnings are usually just enough to make ends meet. In contrast to this people in their thirties are more sorted in their career. They are self dependent financially and are ready to invest more time in relationship.

Emotional stability — Youngsters in early thirties are more mature to understand the difference between real emotions and infatuation. They would understand they are opting forever over one night stands. On the contrary it is difficult to draw a line between emotions and hormones during early age.

Clarity of expectations — There is certainly more clarity in relationships when wedding is planned for two mature well settled individuals. There is a decent years of experience and exposure which brings more clarity in expectations. On the other hand people in their early twenties plan their lives based on unrealistic expectations.

Family planning — Starting a family is a pressure that comes by default on thirties couple, there is a clock of fertility constantly clicking giving the newly wedded less time to enjoy marital bliss. In this regard younger couples are at an advantage. They have lot of time before starting family. This leads to a stronger companionship among partners.

Settling for niche career — There are many proverbs that state follow your dreams, work on your passion but these remain bookish knowledge for individuals who take responsibility of wedding at an early age. Settling in late twenties or early thirties gives individuals the freedom to try different careers and stick with the one they like. In more clear words individuals have the time and freedom to figure out the best career option and switch career if need be.

Getting married has no perfect age and it is totally a personal and in some cases destinies call, so enjoy life being married or single.