There is no perfect age to get married just like there is no perfect age to die….

How often have you been asked about your plans for marriage, have you ever avoided your relatives as on seeing you they are most curious to know your love life detail. Do you visit your family with some guy just to assure them yeah you are trying and if not, then have they tried to hook you up with a weirdo they know? If you have been through all this then you are one of the happy singles whose happiness is not liked by the family and family friends who promote themselves to be family.

We are born single (well mostly except the twins) and die single but in between we meet so many people, some as family, some as friends and some even as enemies or bosses. Then why are we expected to marry one person (well that is the social preference however maximum that I have seen is three) and make that one or what so ever your number is as your soul mates. These are the norms that are made by the society, by us or actually who came before us. So primarily our opinion was not taken while laying such rules and yet we are expected to follow them blindly.

Often I have asked people that why is youth considered to be perfect for marriage. People told me that this is when you are ready emotionally and physically for a life partner.

Well my argument is how do you know? There are many who are involved in physical relationships before even eighteen, there could be people who are not interested in such relations and many who are not ready until their thirties. Considering emotional needs, you have to be kidding me. How many youngsters are involved emotionally with their partners and why do we need a boyfriend or a girlfriend for sharing emotions. This part can be sorted with friends.

So basically to marry in twenties, thirties, forties or even later is a personal preference. Just like you don’t ask your family or friends about their sex positions, their poop and pee timings you should not ask them when are they planning to settle down. It is a personal choice, they would be the best judge to understand when and whom do they want to marry. Asking such questions gives the idea that there is a race and if not meet the deadline on time, you will end up single. In such haste many take a wrong decision.

I might sound a little melodramatic here but finding a soul mate is destiny just like your death.