I am starting my Dreamforce week in a rather different way. I intend to take it easy today and tune into the live channels and stream Marc’s talk with Tony Prophet and the Paypal Mafia after that. But mostly I am taking this day to push my teams.

I am pushing them to attend Dreamforce. I am pushing them to start thinking about the Hackathon, even though they cannot compete as employees. Mostly I want them to learn something new. To open their horizons. To get bewildered by what our partners and internal teams at Salesforce have been busy doing since last one year. I want them to experience the energy that our customers come to Dreamforce for.

I am also pushing them to drop what is on their plate and step out. We have lights to keep on as this mega event unfolds, but we also need to grow and brew up new aspirations. Dreamforce can be an inception point to that we have not yet envisioned.

I hope all the teams across Salesforce are asking their employees to step out, step up, and enjoy the vibes that Cloud technologists from across the globe are going to bask in for the next four days.

Go Dreamforce!

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