An introduction to Vue Framework?

What is Vue?

Vue is a progressive framework for building User Interface. Vue’s major focus is on the view layer of the MVC. Vue is incrementally adoptable in order to build rich User Interfaces for Single Page Applications(Applications that do not need a refresh). As it’s core power comes while building User Interface, it’s easy to learn and implement along with various libraries.

Vue comes with some similarity to React such as:-

  1. Vue utilizes the virtual DOM
  2. Reactive as well as compostable view components can be conceived using Vue.
  3. Vue also keeps most of the concerns of features that are away from User Interface not to mingle and spoil the focus of the core library.

How does Vue Compare to React?

Vue, when compared to React, is better in performance and is also a bit ahead due to its light-weight Virtual DOM implementation. As we see that React Embraces each and every Template, as well as the CSS code within the Component itself or we, can rephrase it to that it embraces both the Template and Style within the JavaScript, Vue has a different opinion on this.

Vue does provide a support for JSX as well as render functions for the DOM representation but it also embraces the simple HTML templates and since it’s more natural to read and understand. Some of the advantages of HTML templates are as follows:-

  1. Progressive migration of the application to take advantage of Reactivity feature that Vue provides.
  2. Makes easier for Designers as well
  3. Preprocessors for HTML can be brought into the picture.

On the other hand Vue single file component also support CSS Modules. Vue also comes with a good amount of routing and state management solution like Vuex. It also has a good amount of tools based ecosystem.

Vue for Mobile Developers

With Vue, you can utilize the Weex framework in order to build native apps as well as browser-renderable components.

You can find the comparison guide to Vue in various frameworks. One can easily go ahead and have a look at the comparison to various frameworks out here. This can provide a great comparison of Vue with the various framework.


From here on we will be discussing different parts of Vue JavaScript Framework. Each and every tutorial will be a small nugget of information which will enable you to go ahead in this journey. We will discuss the various parts of Vue Framework and get you up and running ASAP.

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